PKX 2EV specialized manual dosing pump designed for the wash-ware industry (commercial dishwashers)

Member of the PKX series of ETATRON dosing pumps.

The PKX 2EV has two triggers and two manual rate controls making it an ideal pump for use in a Tunnel type dishwashers and single tank dishwashers applications.

PKX 2EV  pump

  • Anti-acid plastic casing – IP65 protection
  • Pump supplied with manual air bleed pump head -standard
  • Standard power supplies:110VAC 60Hz
    230 VAC 50/60Hz
  • Optional power supplies 24V 50/60Hz, 24Vdc, 12Vdc
  • Foot/wall mount bracked included
  • Supplied with detergent installation kit
    or brightener installation kit

PKX 2EV dosing pump controls

Ordering information:

i.e. PKX 2EV 2-6 (110)

0.53 gph, 87 psi, 110 VAC
2 lph, 6 bar, 110 VAC

Type (Size)
1-5150.2672120 or 230
2-6260.5487120 or 230
3-3330.7843120 or 230
5-5551.3272120 or 230
7-2721.8429120 or 230
10-11012.6414120 or 230