PKX CC/M proportional pump milliamp controlled dosing pump

Member of the PKX series of ETATRON dosing pumps.

PKX CC/M proportional dosing pump is controlled by a remote milliamp signal. The pump can be connected to a transmitter/indicator instrument or other device. Accepts (0-20mA; 4-20mA; 20-4mA; etc.).

PKX CC/M  pump

  • Anti-acid plastic casing – IP65 protection
  • Pump supplied with manual air bleed pump head -standard
  • Level control input (supplied without probe): -optional
  • Standard power supplies:110VAC 60Hz

    230 VAC 50/60Hz

  • Optional power supplies 24V 50/60Hz, 24Vdc, 12Vdc
  • Dimensions:5.87 h x 4.92 w x 5.87 d inches drawing

    149 h x 125 w x 149 d mm
    Wall mounted (DLX)
    Foot mounted (DLXB)

PKX CC/M dosing pump controls

Ordering information:

i.e. PKX CC/M 2-6 (110)

0.53 gph, 87 psi, 110 VAC
2 lph, 6 bar, 110 VAC

Type (Size)
1-5150.2672120 or 230
2-6260.5487120 or 230
3-3330.7843120 or 230
5-5551.3272120 or 230
7-2721.8429120 or 230
10-11012.6414120 or 230