DLX MA/MB digital manual dosing pump

Member of the DLX series of ETATRON dosing pumps.

DLX MA/MB conductivity controlled dosing pump measures and maintains the conductivity of a process. The pump can be connected to a transmitter/indicator instrument or other device. Accepts (0-20mA; 4-20mA; 20-4mA; etc.).

DLX MA/MB  pump

  • The products are manufactured according CE regulation.
  • Enviromental Conditions: IP 65 protection,altitude up to 2000m, ambient temperature 5C to 40C,maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31 C decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40 C.
  • Overvoltage cat. II
  • Antiacid plastic casing.
  • Control panel protection assured by an adhesive polyester film,weatherproof and resisting UV ray
  • Standard power supply (fluctuations not to exceed ±10%):230 V a.c.50 Hz single phase.
  • Optional power supply (fluctuations not to exceed ±10%):
    240 V a.c.50-60 Hz single phase;
    110 V a.c. 50-60 Hz single phase.
  • Upon request: manual stroke lenght adjustment. This control provides accurate flow adjustment. (only DLXB
DLX CD/M dosing pump controls

Ordering information:

i.e. DLX MA/MB 5-7 (110)

1.32 gph, 101 psi, 110 VAC
5 lph, 7 bar, 110 VAC

Type (Size)
1-151156.20.26217120 or 230
2-20220130.54142120 or 230
5-757311.32101120 or 230
5-12512311.32174120 or 230
8-10810512.16142120 or 230
15-4154953.9658120 or 230
20-32031265.2842120 or 230